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Hodinky Kr3w - Freshman Red Mark - Watch

Hodinky Kr3w - Freshman Red Mark - Watch
cena/ks:   649.00 Kč

Popis: Stylové hodinky vodotěné do 30m běžná cena 990,-Kč KR3W is a men's lifestyle brand born in 2003 out of the skateboard culture of southern California. Celebrated for its excellent collection of denim, and as the originator of the skinny jean style, KR3W has been on the forefront of young men's fashion for the past 10 years. Originally a brand for skateboarders and lovers of skateboard street style, KR3W has expanded far beyond its original market and now offers a full collection of apparel on, which includes denim, tops, hats, watches, bags, and other accessories. KR3W is inspired by a wide range of subcultures and is worn today by many of the world's celebrities, athletes, and musicians.